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Ajahn Rocano's  Vassa Update

Wat Ratanawan


Below is an informal update shared by Ajahn Rocano, who due to COVID-19 circumstances is spending his Vassa in Thailand until international travel and search for suitable land in Nepal can resume.

"Now I'm at Wat Ratanawan monastery in Korat province, which is in Central Thailand. The monastery is right next to Khao Yai national park, Wang Naam khiew district.


The Abbot of this monastery is Ven. Ajhan Nyanadhammo. LP. Sumedho also reside in this monastery. This year I have good opportunity to spend vassa at wat Ratanawan  together with 19 monks.


I came here in last July, just before vassa start. I feel inspired been staying here with great monks like Lp. Sumedho and Ajhan  Nyanadhammo. Usually monks have to stay 3 months at same monastery where you determine to spend vassa, during vassa season monks can't travel anywhere.


Wat Ratanawan is a very beautiful monastery with big forest and very suitable environment for monks to practice. I'm staying here until end of November and have to go back to Wat nanachat, Ubon after that.

Wish you all well and safety from coronavirus. Sending you my blessings and Anumodana."

Ajahn also informs us that the search for suitable monastery land in Nepal will be able to progress more formally once international travel restrictions return to normal.

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